Daphne Stevens


The distress that draws an individual into therapy is a usually a sign that healthy change is possible. My role is to listen, to stay curious, and to notice as wisdom inevitably emerges. Therapy is hard work, but it also can be playful. Increasing confidence, creativity, and self-appreciation leads to greater happiness in personal relationships, enhanced satisfaction in work and vocation, and growth toward physical and spiritual wholeness. These gifts–this birthright–are my hopes for each client.

It’s an honor to do this work.  I’m trained in family systems, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and Jungian-based dream analysis. I approach issues from a number of perspectives, sometimes joining with other healing disciplines. I work with each client to create a unique tool-box–practical, empowering strategies for dealing with challenges.
My clients and colleagues notice my focus on psychospiritual healing and the interrelationships among mind, body, and spirit. Inner wisdom reveals itself through dreams, images, and archetypes, and Divine presence is experienced as we learn to become more compassionate toward ourselves.

Daphne is a student of the soul. She learns from music and poetry, and she experiences healing through the language of symptoms and dreams. Her practice as a psychotherapist encompasses such diverse approaches as Jungian based psychodrama, symbolic-experiential therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy and the healing of trauma and grief through working with the human energy field. Daphne’s soul is nourished as a wife and friend, instructed as a mother and grandmother, and deepened through meditation and spiritual direction. Daphne’s work centers around themes of feminine spirituality, relationships, creativity, and finding the hidden gifts within the experience of grief. 


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