Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching

Working with couples is particularly rich work, and it’s my privilege to offer couples coaching along with Aaron Bowers, my husband and my own best coach.  We work  conjointly to best meet the needs of our clients.

Blended families are never easy, but Aaron and I have worked together for 18 years to raise three teenagers, provide care for elderly parents, cope with job stress and financial pressure, and face profound loss and grief.  In the midst of each challenge, we’ve been blessed with the capacity to find pleasure together, encourage one another, and maintain a strong sense of humor.  We’ve found that, while the struggle never ends, the human heart’s capacity for trust and wisdom is God-given and infinite.

Aaron, author of the book Managing Employees when You’re the Only One, has 35 years of experience as a marketing specialist.  Before establishing his own business, he worked for CBS as well as local radio stations WNEX, WMAZ, and WDEN.  He started his broadcast career as a late night radio host, in which he became fondly known as The Night Creature.  His warmth and his wit is remembered and appreciated by listeners and colleagues alike.

Aaron’s reputation for strong leadership was established during his military service. He served with the 3rd Armored Division in Germany before attending Engineer Officer Candidate School.  He received the Bronze Star for service in Vietnam.  His Army cohorts, at a recent reunion, characterized Aaron’s off-beat approach to life by sharing their memories :  “When we were in trouble, Bowers was usually behind it.  And when we got out of trouble, Bowers was usually behind it!”

It’s a good snapshot of Aaron’s approach:  Getting into seemingly impossible situations.  Solving problems, fostering teamwork and good will.  Growing beyond “trouble,” building new skills and developing trust.   Being a source of support and inspiration to others.

Aaron is not new to the coaching field.  He has worked as a mentor for new entrepreneurs.  He has coached children to succeed, both in academics and in peer relationships.  He has counseled young adults to discover their strengths and to establish themselves in the world.  And he has worked extensively with midlife and senior adults to improve troubled relationships with adult children, and to meet the multiple challenges that face the “sandwich” generation.

Aaron is a strategist.  He’s a master of the art of learning from past mistakes, and of teaching that art to his clients.

People are often blind to their own small victories.  Those successes are springboards that can mark the process of growth toward a more satisfying, enjoyable, and healthy life.  Aaron’s gift is in celebrating and building on those strengths.

Someone said that a good marriage is one in which both parties feel they’re getting the better end of the deal.  I’m certain that my “deal” is far better than Aaron’s, and he regularly insists that he’s the fortunate one.  Through years of problem-solving and finding pleasure in his presence, I’ve discovered that, while family life is never smooth, marriage can actually be fun.

We coach couples in conflict who face challenges that escalate marital tension. Child-rearing, in-laws, adult children, mental illness in the family, chronic illness, death, and divorce can lead to a humorless tunnel vision that makes us forget who we are.  We believe that marriage can help us to remember who we are. To become more gracious and loving, even in the darkest of times.

That’s our mission, our hope for you.  To help you to find the gifts hidden within the struggles.  To find pockets of pleasure that, once, discovered, can sustain and bless your relationship.

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