Daphne Stevens, Ph.D, LSCW

“All sickness is homesickness.”  The words of the author Dianne Connelly echo within me as I work as a consultant in Macon, Georgia.  Symptoms–depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, the emergence of the symptoms of ADHD, and the gnawing sense that we are stuck in work or in relationships–are signals that the soul is preparing for greater wholeness.  Life crises triggered by divorce, death, career setbacks, and other traumas are excruciating, but they invite us to deepen into our birthright as whole human beings.

Personal growth is, at its heart, soul-work.

Through entering into a dialogue with our deeper, wiser self, we can learn to say yes to our innate capacity for creativity, depth, integrity, and joyful living.
-Daphne Stevens, Ph.D.

Daphne is a student of the soul. She learns from music and poetry, and she experiences healing through the language of symptoms and dreams. Her practice as a psychotherapist encompasses such diverse approaches as Jungian based psychodrama, symbolic-experiential therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy and the healing of trauma and grief through working with the human energy field.

Daphne’s soul is nourished as a wife and friend, instructed as a mother and grandmother, and deepened through meditation and spiritual direction. Daphne’s work centers around themes of feminine spirituality, relationships, creativity, and finding the hidden gifts within the experience of grief. She is an active member of Centenary Methodist Church in Macon, Georgia.

Daphne Stevens, Ph.D, LCSW

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Embracing Wellness: A Holistic Approach to Psychotherapy