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Watercolor Bedroom: Creating a Soulful Midlife

Midlife is an invitation to move into the center of life. More than a transition, it is a time of deep initiation, of claiming our wisdom, and of stepping into our authority as co-creators of our lives and shapers of the world. In fifty two-short chapters, Daphne Stevens offers pithy insights about coming of age, letting go of the things that no longer serve us, and creating a vision for the second half of our lives. Through Daphne’s personal story, glimpses drawn from mythology and religion, and suggestions for self-exploration and journaling, this book will encourage and companion you in embracing the grand adventure of midlife.

“Daphne Stevens’ wisdom echoes long after reading this book. Like a pioneer, she has mapped a new journey into midlife for women–one of adventure, hope and self-renewal.”

– Lisa Groen Braner – The Mother’s Book of Well-Being (Conari Press, 2003)

“I wish I could spirit my way into every home and place this book onto the table. In Dr. Stevens’ presence, the soul breathes more spaciously. We touch the deeper mysteries of everyday experience, see our own problems in a friendlier light, and find the gentle comfort that only her Watercolor Bedroom can offer.”

– Dianne Skafte, Ph.D. – Listening to the Oracle (Harper San Francisco, 1997),
Depth Psychology Chair (retired), Pacifica Graduate Institute

“What a delightful, personal, nurturing peek into one woman’s journey of creating a life that fits for her – a truly comforting, wise Grandmother God life. A blend of A Room of One’s Own and The Woman’s Comfort Book. I enjoyed it immensely.”

– Jennifer Louden – Comfort Secrets for Busy Women (Harper, San Francisco)

Watercolor Bedroom: Creating a Soulful Midlife
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Audio Tapes, MP3’s, and CDs for Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Personal Growth

I developed these Audio Recordings (MP3’s, tapes, and CDs, first as a help to my psychotherapy patients, and later in response to others who have requested them. They have been created out of years as a psychotherapist specializing in hypnosis, relaxation, stress management, and affective disorders.

A Golden Circle of Light

A 30 minute meditation combining hypnotic suggestion, rich guided imagery, and soothing music to ease the body, energize the chakras, calm the mind, and nurture the soul. This tape is designed to help you create a safe and comfortable space where you can settle in regularly and become more closely attuned to the process of your own healing. By setting aside a regular time, you will honor yourself, calm your mind, relax your body, strengthen your immune system, and allow yourself to more consciously resonate with the voice of wholeness that is already within you.

The 4 Minute Affirmation

A 4 minute meditation break to promote self esteem, health, and well being. This tape is designed for use at home, in your car, at work–anywhere you need a quick rejuvenating break. We all know how to be self-critical–and we are, all to often. Being positive about ourselves is harder, and it takes commitment and practice. This tape is created to be a gentle reminder. Listen to it frequently when you need to relax, take a break, and reinforce good, positive inner conversation about your person worth and your unique place in the world.