Workshops are a great way to build teamwork, generate new energy, solve problems, and gain new skills. Solutions@Work offers a number of workshop formats, each of which can be modified to meet your particular group’s needs. We do weekend, full day and three hour time slots for churches, businesses, agencies, schools, and helping professionals. CEU’s are available.

Solutions @ Work:
Action Methods for Solving Workplace Problems

As an employer, you are aware of the cost of personal employee problems to your business. Losses related to substance abuse, family conflict, emotional distress, and poor morale, are well documented in the workplace. We know that individual malaise costs the company money–and we know, too, that organizational health and vigor is crucial to every person within the organization. We believe that solutions are borne out of leadership vision, clear communication, and a healthy blend of hard work and creative play. Dr. Daphne Stevens and Dr. Cindy Carter are consultants who have worked in hospitals, industry, and educational settings to train, provide counseling to individuals, and assist management in defining problems and clarifying goals. We are behavioral scientists who are trained in group facilitation, psychodrama, and individual and family psychotherapy.

We are committed to the idea that individual employees can be the greatest resource to any company, and because personnel problems are among the most frustrating challenges that employers face. Our work with organizations shows us again and again that when people feel respected and empowered, they find solutions to workplace problems.

Common Challenges We Address:

  • Morale
  • Productivity
  • Diversity issues
  • Sexual harassment prevention
  • Team building
  • Critical incident debriefings
  • Business etiquette
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Absenteeism


How We Work:

We conduct Solutions@Work training sessions. They are a series of fun, experiential action-packed exercises that raise consciousness, mobilize resources, and facilitate learning in groups. We address the individuals in a group at a variety of levels–cognitive, behavioral, emotional, physical, and spiritual–to affect change which benefits every member of the organization. Based in Georgia and Southern California, we travel to your locale. You may choose to conduct the Solutions@Work training at your place of business or at a “neutral” location away from the workplace.

About Us:

Dr. Daphne Stevens holds advanced degrees in Clinical Social Work and Clinical Psychology. She has provided Employee Assistance Program services for a number of companies, including McDonnell Douglas, GEICO, Boeing, Cigna, the Medical Center of Central Georgia. and Georgia Power Company. She has published articles in Human Resource Professional, Pilgrimage, The Salt Journal, and Voices, and she is the author of a biweekly column in the Macon Telegraph entitled “The One Minute Therapist.”

Dr. Cindy Carter holds advanced degrees in Educational and Clinical Psychology. Her professional career began over twenty years ago when she was awarded a clear teaching credential. Since then she has been helping professionals achieve their maximal potential in many settings. Dr. Carter is skilled in the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy, neurotherapy, hypnotherapy, biofeedback, psychodrama, and depth psychology.

Aaron Bowers is a Marketing Specialist who has served as a consultant to many companies, including the CBS Television Network. His creativity and insight have brought him national recognition, and his experience as a corporate middle manager is invaluable in the Solutions@Work process.

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Programs we have developed and successfully used with a variety of groups include:

Archetypes Alive: An Experiential Workshop


  • To awaken the many (often dormant) problem solving abilities within us.
  • To access our inherent skills for navigating through life’s changes and challenges.
  • To discover our inborn gifts of seeing through many eyes.
  • To move out of “stuck” places into places positions of flexibility and creativity

Presented by:

Dr. Daphne Stevens, Ph.D..
Dr. Cindy Carter-Liggett, Ph.D..

Presented for:

  • Corporate groups
  • Mental Health Providers (CEUs available)
  • Personal Growth groups
  • Churches
  • Educational Groups (Myth, Literature, Psychology)


By appointment. Optimum presentation time is 8 hours, with tailoring to a minimum of 3 hours available.


At your business, church, school, or civic setting


Using action methods, art, storytelling, group warmups, tribunal formats, body movement, role play. . .

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Becoming a Mother of Your Own Design

“Becoming a Mother of Your Own Design” is a daylong retreat for mothers of young children that I offer with Lisa Braner, author of the upcoming book The Mother’s Book of Well-Being (Conari Press, 2003). In these retreats, we examine the multi-faceted experience of early motherhood and explore ways to weave it into the larger tapestry of our lives as women. We step away from the busy-ness of parenting and explore our beliefs about motherhood and how they sabotage or support us. We find ways to alleviate the feelings of frustration, fatigue, bewilderment, and isolation common in young motherhood, and we set aside comparisons in order to co-create a healthy maternal self-image.

Claim a day for yourself, and join us! For information about these retreats, contact me via email
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Midwinter Dreams: A Weekend for Emerging Wise Women

Midlife is a time when our energies shift. Outward pursuits–raising children, building resumes, running households–give way to a quieter, more inward stirring of the soul. Dreams become vivid. The life of the imagination and the life of the body dance us toward a depth creativity and wisdom that we may have envisioned but hardly dared hoped for during our younger, more frenetic days. We are moving into Crone hood.

Many women long for a container to midwife them through this passage. Life gives us guidelines for other phases of life, but during midlife, our road maps often consist of vague intimations, intuition, and feelings. We need ritual and the presence of other women to serve as companions and guides.

Join Dr. Daphne Stevens and Dr. Cindy Carter as we forge new maps together. In a weekend of dream-tending, art therapy, body work, and storytelling, we will explore our imaginal worlds and affirm one another in the yet-to-be discovered gifts of Cronedom. We will laugh, we will talk, we will commune around the fire. We convene on Friday evening for tea, introductions, and a bedtime story to set the tone for the weekend. We gather all day Saturday and Sunday, and we conclude with dinner on Sunday evening.

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Theatre of the Oppressed?

As created by Brazilian visionary, Augusto Boal, Theatre of the Oppressed is a form of popular community based education which uses theater as a tool for transformation.  Originally developed out of Boal’s work with peasant and worker populations, it is now used all over the world for social and political activism, conflict resolution, community building, therapy, and government legislation.  Inspired by the vision of Paulo Feire and his landmark treatise on education, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Theatre of the Oppressed invites critical thinking.  It is about analyzing rather than accepting, questioning rather than giving answers.  It is also about “acting” rather than just talking.  In Theatre of the Oppressed, the audience is not made up of spectators, but “spect-actors.”  Through the evocative language of theatre, everyone is invited to share their opinion on the issues at hand.  Boal’s books have been translated into 35 languages and the work radiates from his centers in Rio de Janeiro and Paris as well as Vancouver, Toronto, England, India, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Korea, Burkina Faso, Puerto Rico, and many others.  It is also practiced on a grassroots level by teachers, social workers, therapists, and activists all over the world.


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Psyche’s Sisters:
Uncovering Hidden Blocks to Creativity, Self-Expression, and Soulful Living: A Weekend for Men and Women

In the Greek myth, Psyche’s sisters whisper doubts and fears that separate her from Eros, hurl her into the underworld, and ultimately awaken her to new consciousness. In our lives, voices from our past often whisper to us like Psyche’s sisters. We are haunted by a vague sense of being stuck, blocked in our creative efforts, and bound by patterns of relating that no longer work for us. We become frustrated with heroic ways of being in the world, and we long to listen to ourselves in ways that honor the intuitive wisdom that lives within us.

Join Dr. Daphne Stevens, Dr. Cindy Carter, and Aaron Bowers as we discover the gifts hidden in the stuck places. In a weekend of psychodrama, dream work, art-work, and story telling, we find the ways that our symptoms often point to our strengths, and our pain often directs us to our passion. Come with a particular “stuck place,” relationship issue, or problem in mind, and let the group transform it into a creative challenge!

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Theatre of Dreams

This is an experiential weekend devoted to the tradition of dream-tending. . .to develop personalized rituals for dream incubation. . .to learn how to hold nonlinear dream time. . .to express psychic yearnings through dream symbols . . . to experience the mystery of symbolic dream enactment. . .


We create dream characters through artistry and theatre. . .we deepen our sense of spiritual community through visiting the dream landscape of others. . .we laugh, we cry, we sit in awe with one another. . .and we simply wonder at the intricacies and the eternal wisdom of the eternal Psyche.


We enter into creative space through Playback Theatre techniques, body movements, and meditation.


For groups interested in soul-work, dream-tending, improvisational theatre, and community building.


Daphne Stevens, Ph.D.., Cindy Carter, Ph.D..

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Daphne Stevens, Ph.D.
Daphne is a student of the soul. She learns from music and poetry, and she experiences healing through the language of symptoms and dreams. Her practice as a psychotherapist encompasses such diverse approaches as Jungian based psychodrama, symbolic-experiential therapy, and the healing of trauma and grief through working with the human energy field. Daphne’s soul is nourished as a wife and friend, instructed as a mother and grandmother, and deepened through meditation and spiritual direction. Daphne’s work centers around themes of feminine spirituality, relationships, creativity, and finding the hidden gifts within the experience of grief. She is an active member of St. Francis Episcopal Church in Macon, GA.

Cindy Carter, Ph.D.
Cindy is an artist. She derives colors for her palette from teaching at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, maintaining a private practice, leading psychodrama groups, participating in improvisational theatre, and offering theatre-based training for personal and professional growth in the mental health field. More subtle hues represent her family life as a wife of 20 years and mother of two teenagers, and spiritual journeys such as those taught by her Native American mentor. Cindy’s art conveys such themes as personal integrity, courage, respect for mystery, and willingness to dance.

Aaron Bowers
Aaron is a media specialist and commercial writer whose creative talents have earned him national recognition. He “anchors” the workshops, offering marketing expertise, masculine presence, and detail oriented administrative services which are invaluable in the creative process for us and all our participants.

Cindy and Daphne collectively have over fifty years in the field of mental health. They have been working creatively together since completing their doctoral studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA,and they are currently at work on a book based on their workshops entitled A Full Deck: Games and Stories for Filling In Your Missing Life Cards. Aaron has been keeping us grounded and motivated since he joined us in 1995.