“Psychotherapy” comes from two root-words: “psyche” or “soul,” and “therapy” or “care.” Thus, the word psychotherapy, is actually soul-care—emotional and spiritual work in the finest sense of the disciplines of healing.

I think of my role as psychotherapist in a number of different ways. Sometimes I am a midwife, sometimes I am a mentor. Sometimes I am a teacher, sometimes an interpreter—but always my role is that of companion on the spiritual path, and respectful listener to my patients.

I work from a number of theoretical perspectives. I am rooted in Jungian-based depth psychology, and in Bowenian family systems theory. I am trained in cognitive-behavioral work, experiential therapy, and “power therapies” like EMDR and Energy Psychology like Thought Field Therapy. I see myself as partner in the process of the patient’s healing—a process that, at its best, leads to an increased awareness of the patient’s gifts and strengths, as well as relief from symptoms.

I typically meet with patients once or twice a week initially in order to deepen into the work. I create a treatment plan and a schedule that is geared to the individual patient’s needs. I may work with the patient individually or with a spouse or family members, depending on the patient’s needs and my own recommendations. I usually work in tandem with other health care professionals in order to assure continuity of care.

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