Hypnotherapy is an effective approach to change.  As we get acquainted, I learn about your background and goals.  As trust develops and you begin to feel comfortable, I invite you to move into physical relaxation, and to move with me into a state of trance.  This experience is similar to the feeling just before sleep, when dreams and images begin to emerge and a sense of deep rest and calm develops.  Some people actually fall asleep, but most feel alert and aware during the session.
As you ease into the quiet, the sound of my voice will help sooth you into a new realm of freedom.  Your deeper, wiser self will emerge and, you’ll envision yourself on a healthy new path.

Your unconscious self has your best interest at heart.  As we travel together, you’ll begin to say yes to new ways of relating to the things that trouble you.

Hypnosis isn’t magic.  You cannot be compelled to behave or believe things that go against your values, or to follow anyone else’s agenda.  The work is devoted to help you listen more deeply and to let go of harmful habits and patterns.

Hypnotherapy is helpful for a number of issues.  Smoking cessation, becoming more fit, social anxiety and phobias are common.  Sleep disturbance is often relieved as you practice letting go and enter into a pleasant state of drowsiness.

If you have questions about hypnotherapy, call me.  We’ll explore what is right for you.

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